miércoles, enero 11, 2006

sad |sad| adjective ( sadder , saddest ) 1 feeling or showing sorrow;
unhappy : I was sad and subdued | they looked at her with sad, anxious
faces. • causing or characterized by sorrow or regret; unfortunate and
regrettable : he told her the sad story of his life | a sad day for us
all. 2 informal pathetically inadequate or unfashionable : somebody's
priorities are pretty sad. 3 (of dough) heavy through having failed to
rise. PHRASES sad to say unfortunately, regrettably. DERIVATIVES
saddish adjective sadness noun ORIGIN Old English sæd [sated, weary,]
also [weighty, dense,] of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zat and
German satt, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin satis
'enough.' The original meaning was replaced in Middle English by the
senses [steadfast, firm] and [serious, sober,] and later [sorrowful.]

sadness noun our sadness cannot be measured unhappiness, sorrow,
dejection, depression, misery, despondency, despair, desolation,
wretchedness, gloom, gloominess, dolefulness, melancholy,
mournfulness, woe, heartache, grief; informal the blues.